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Our French honeys

Miel de Savane de Nouvelle Calédonie

New: Savannah Honey from New Caledonia

Harvested on the west coast of Grande Terre in Bourail, it is a honey with warm, fruity, spicy flavors with a touch of bitterness on the finish.


Buckwheat honey: new harvest

Its original flavors make it a honey of character. On the nose, the jar as soon as it is opened lets the smells of the farm of our childhood diffuse. On the palate, notes of liquorice and toasted cereals take over. Its dark brown color is reddish and its texture is dense and creamy.

This French Buckwheat honey with a strong personality is increasingly sought after and appreciated. A great discovery!

Miel de Sarrasin
Notre boutique à Paris

Our honey shop in Paris

Miel Factory offers 50 varieties of honey, from France and the rest of the world and its derivative products.

Join us in our Marais boutique to share our passion for quality and exceptional honeys. You will have the opportunity to taste flavors from all walks of life. We will welcome you warmly in compliance with the sanitary measures in force.

We are open Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sunday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Guaranteed traceability on our honeys
Guaranteed traceability
From harvest to distribution
Know-how and quality of our honeys
Respect for bees and the environment
Respect for bees
and the environment
Rare and authentic honeys
Rare and authentic honeys


We select for you the best honey, in France and at the other end of the world. The honeys are analyzed in a specialized laboratory to guarantee you the highest purity. All our honeys are cold extracted and are not pasteurized.

Apiculteur Miel Factory
ruche apiculture abeilles


Beekeeping is in great difficulty because of climate change, pesticides, diseases and new predators, such as the Asian hornet. In order to cope, the beekeeper must commit technical and human resources which greatly increase the operating costs of his apiary.

These are the reasons why we buy our honey at the beekeeper's price, without negotiating the prices, so as not to jeopardize his business. Our honeys come mainly from small farms with which we build close and lasting ties.


The survival of more than 80% of the plant species listed on the planet depends on bees, which provide more than half of our global food resources!

Miel Factory is a partner of the Terre d'Abeilles association, the only NGO specializing in the defense of bees, it is a source of proposals and concrete initiatives with French and European government bodies.


Honey Tasting workshops

Come and understand the manufacture of honey by bees, discover its thousand and one virtues and taste honey, good, real with Miel Factory! We will resume the tasting workshops when they are authorized again. We will be sure to keep you informed.