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We consider honey as a universal product. The French terroir allows the production of a wide variety of high quality honeys. But many other countries have honeys with original aromas, which remain to be discovered. Wander from one region or continent to another, from the Landes to Africa, from Provence to Mexico, according to the honeys gleaned by Miel Factory. Let yourself be surprised by a wide variety of mono-floral nectars with extravagant flavors, from France and the world.


The aroma of honey is often more interesting when it is mono-floral. It is this gastronomic approach that Miel Factory loves and wishes to share. Like tasting a wine, honey gives us all the characteristics of its origins, identifiable by their colors, their scents and their tastes.

Bourdon sur une branche


We guarantee the quality of our honeys by ensuring that each of them has been thoroughly analyzed in a specialized laboratory so that the following points are validated: 
- No trace of adulteration of honey by various artificial sugars. 

- No trace in honey, antibiotics or other drugs to treat bees.

- No trace of pesticides in honey. Humidity rate less than or equal to 20% in order to optimize the conservation of honey.

- The variety of honey must correspond to its pollen composition.

Baobab à Madagascar


Nature lover, passionate about mountains and seas, Rémi Porthault has traveled the four corners of the planet.

His travels are all occasions to discover the honeys of various terroirs and the know-how of beekeepers. In France, he scours the countryside. Abroad, he embarks on a gastronomic tour of the most unknown honeys: the honey of Jujube from Yemen, the Coffee tree from Brazil, the Avocado from Mexico, or even the Leatherwood honey from Tasmania, the Litchi from Madagascar, or the Savannah honey from Burkina Faso.

Back in his native Burgundy, Rémi Porthault decides to collect his precious discoveries to share them with us.

The Miel Factory store was born in 2016, in the heart of Paris, followed by the online store

Baobab à Madagascar