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All about the benefits of thyme honey

The benefits of thyme honey

The healing properties of thyme honey

Thyme honey is a well-known antiseptic and antibacterial, used among other things to treat wounds and burns. It has healing properties that justify its use on the skin: this honey prevents the development of bacteria and regenerates the skin tissue in order to have good healing. This healing action is due to its high osmolarity: honey attracts water, drains lymph and plasma to the outside, which eliminates debris and cleans the wound.

The virtues of thyme honey on the skin

Masque au miel
Thyme honey has a pH close to that of the skin (4 to 6), and its rich composition gives it moisturizing, emollient, softening and toning properties. It is particularly effective against adolescent acne, alone or as an accompaniment to a basic treatment in the event of severe acne.
This honey has humectants: it helps maintain the lower layers of the epidermis and accelerates cell renewal. In addition, its high sugar content hydrates the skin by allowing optimal absorption of water into the skin tissues.
You can apply a thyme honey mask to your skin to purify and hydrate it.

Thyme honey for sore throat

Against coughs or sore throats, thyme honey has a soothing effect. Thanks to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, it disinfects the throat, calms cold symptoms and, by reducing the adhesion of bacteria to the respiratory wall, it prevents their proliferation. It can be used as an infusion several times a day at the onset of symptoms.

Tasse miel

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Thyme honey from Spain

Miel de Thym d'Espagne

This creamy-textured thyme honey is harvested in the region of Castile and Leon. It is fragrant, with a hint of musk. Its taste is reminiscent of the subtle flavor of the plant.

Thyme honey from Greece


Miel de Thym de Crète

This thyme honey was harvested on the island of Crete in the Samaria National Park. Its flavors are warm and powerful and its texture is liquid with slow crystallization.
French thyme honey is still a rarity, it's a case to follow.
All our honeys are 100% natural and carefully checked to guarantee you the best quality.


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