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Miel factory : Conditions générales de vente

Sourcing of the best honeys

Rémi Porthault, founder of the brand, has been traveling the planet for years in search of the best honeys. Over time, he has forged strong links with the most qualitative beekeepers. He thus ensures the exclusive sourcing of the best wines for Miel Factory.

In France, he scours the countryside to make us discover the honeys of Rhododendron, carrot, coriander, arbutus.... In the Ariège Pyrenees, Carrot du Gers and so many others. Abroad, he is embarking on a gastronomic tour of the most unknown honeys: Coffee from Brazil, Litchi from Madagascar or Ulmo honey from Patagonia.

Honey and gastronomy are for him inseparable: as when tasting a wine, honey delivers all the characteristics of its origins, identifiable by their colors, their scents and their tastes.

Miel Factory has contributed, since its creation, to the emergence of a new honey sector, respectful of beekeepers, nature and consumers.

Hand in hand with beekeepers

Beekeeping is in great difficulty because of climate change, pesticides, diseases and new predators, such as the Asian hornet. In order to cope, the beekeeper must engage technical and human resources which greatly increase the operating costs of his apiary.

These are the reasons why we buy our honey at the beekeeper's price, without negotiating prices, so as not to put his business in difficulty. Our honeys come mainly from small farms with which we forge close and lasting ties.

Our commitments for a sustainable sector

  • Foster quality, traceability and preservation of beekeeping heritage thanks to high purchase prices compared to market prices.
  • Maintain a continuous, direct and trusting relationship with “our” beekeepers.
  • To optimise our volumes with our historical beekeepers in order to create strong links and give them visibility in terms of qualitative and quantitative development.
  • Promote beekeeping that respects the bee, the environment and consumers.
  • Sustain the association Terre d’Abeilles, which acts at the national, European and international level for the protection of bees and other wild pollinating insects.

Impeccable quality

We guarantee the quality of our honeys by ensuring that each of them has been carefully analyzed in a specialized laboratory so that the following points are validated:

- No trace of adulteration of honey by various artificial sugars.

- No trace in honey, antibiotics or other drugs to treat bees.

- No trace of pesticides in the honey.

- Humidity level less than or equal to 20% in order to optimize the conservation of honey.

- The variety of honey must correspond to its pollen composition.

Our range of organic honeys

Miel Factory offers you a collection of honeys and organic products, harvested using beekeeping methods that meet the specifications of organic certification. They are subject to numerous controls (origin of the honey, foraging area, maintenance and materials of the apiaries, care of the bees, harvests, extractions and packaging of the honeys, etc.).

Our honey shop

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