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What is a Honeycomb?

His origin


Honeycomb or raw honey, is THE honey of excellence in the raw state. Our friends the bees make wax alveoli to store pollen and honey which form a ray. The beekeeper's only intervention is to take the comb out of the hive and cut it out. Part of the combs of the hive will be left to the bees, who will use it for food during the winter.


cadre de miel dans la ruche

Its composition

It is never transformed because it is not extracted: no mechanical shock, no thermal shock. Honey thus fully retains all of its flavor but also all of its nutritional qualities. It also contains propolis and pollen, unlike non-raw honeys. Propolis has antiseptic, antiviral, healing actions. The covers are covered with propolis by the bees to protect their loot. Pollen, the main food of bees, is filled with protein. The wax consumed brings benefits for the skin, hair and nails.

Its use

You can directly chew a piece of honey on the shelf to benefit from its virtues (it is advisable to swallow the wax for more efficiency), spread it on bread with a little butter or cut a slice to accompany a cheese. Large pastry chefs often use it to accompany their desserts because in addition to being delicious, this product is very aesthetic.

Well protected and stored in a cool, dry place, honey on the shelf can be kept for two years.

Discover our honeycomb immersed in acacia honey harvested in Sologne, packaged in glass jars. If you want to buy honey in boxed radius, you will have to visit us at the Factory.

miel d'acacia en rayon dans un bocal - Miel Factory


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