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Replace sugar with honey, it's possible

White, refined sugar is regularly pointed out because it is well known that it, consumed in excess, is the cause of various pathologies. Especially since it is used excessively by the food industry in all prepared dishes, cakes, drinks etc. etc. Sugar consumption has tripled in 30 years.

The first advice to give you is to eat as much as possible of products prepared at home, at home, to avoid the harmful cocktails of the industry ...

Honey is most often eaten on a slice of bread. This is its primary use. However, it can be used very easily in cooked

It can also replace sugar in your sweet and savory recipes. Attention, who says natural sugar, does not necessarily mean healthy for the body, if it is consumed excessively. People who are overweight or who tend to eat a lot of sweets and carbohydrates should avoid the honey as much as possible. Of course, a spoonful of honey is better than a square of sugar. It's all about balance and fairness. This is not about presenting honey as a miracle product but as a healthier alternative to other sugars. 

What are carbohydrates used for?

Carbohydrates, more commonly known as "sugars" are an essential source of energy for the body: it is a main fuel for our cells and practically the only fuel for the brain. It is essential to our survival.

The advantage of honey, a natural sugar?


Honey is above all a food rich in simple sugars, directly assimilable. It provides an average of 300 calories per 100 grams. It is therefore highly energetic. To be able to compare, white sugar provides an average of 387 grams per 100 grams. White sugar is refined and no longer contains any vitamins or minerals. It is then said that it contains empty calories. Brown sugar is pretty much the same thing. 

The glycemic index

The glycemic index is also lower with a honey only sugar. The glycemic index makes it possible to know the power that food has to raise the level of glycemia in the blood. The sugar causes a spike in blood sugar that puts us in a state of hypervigilance, but it falls back very quickly. It is the opposite of slow sugars which are effective over a long period. Honey is therefore a slower sugar than table sugar and easier for the body to manage. The more the honey is high in fructose, the lower its glycemic index will be. The highest fructose honey is ofacacia. Be careful, the fructose consumed in excess is less well assimilated and can also cause health problems.

Its sweetening power

Honey has a higher sweetening power than sugar. In recipes, you can put less. Replace for example 100g of sugar for 75g of honey. You will see that it is also sweeter to taste.

Its richness in nutrients

Honey contains many nutrients essentials such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants ...). Even if it means choosing between white sugar or

By its richness in biological elements, honey strengthens the capacities of the immune defenses. the enzymes it contains also participate in a good digestion of other ingested foods and a good intestinal transit.


miel gauffre



Which honey to use in cooking?

In principle, sweet honeys are used so as not to overwhelm the other flavors. Except in certain cases. Here are some delicious pairing ideas:

  • The Acacia honey : the sweetest, to sweeten without giving a pronounced taste. Its liquid texture allows it to be easily used in cooking
  • The lavender honey : both for sweet and savory recipes (for example on hot goats).
  • The rosemary honey, in pastries
  • The strawberry honey : with a bitter taste, for sweet and sour or sweet and sour dishes
  • The chestnut honey : delicious with cheese, or to taste in pastries
  • The raspberry honey with cottage cheese or yogurt

Your honey can also be used as a sweetener in your teas and coffees. You can vary the pleasures. Fruity honeys are generally very appreciable when combined with coffee (special mention for lychee honey). 

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In practice, how can you replace sugar with honey?

  • Reduce the temperature initial cooking at 20 ° C in the oven to prevent the honey from browning. So cook your dish a little longer.
  • Choose honey liquid / creamy
  • Incorporate it into the liquid ingredients of the recipe
  • Honey cakes can be stored Longer because it retains the moisture in the cakes


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