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Why do honeys crystallize?

Unfortunately, the crystallization of honey does not have a good reputation. Think again, just because honey crystallizes doesn't mean it's low quality! On the contrary. We answer all your questions about crystallization.

The phenomenon of crystallization of Honey

All the honeys, when harvested, are at the liquid state. Over time, a natural process and quite normal begins: that of the crystallization of honey. This does not mean that the honey is fake, bad or expired. It is his way of life. Let's not forget that honey is a living product that evolves.

The crystallization of honey also proves to you that honey has not been pasteurized. Pasteurization of honey is mostly practiced in the United States and Canada. It prevents the crystallization of honey. What a pity ! On top of that, it removes some of the flavors of honey, its to be able to antiseptic and his nutrients, because the honey has been heated to a high temperature.

Why some honeys cthey ristallize and others pas ?

The phenomenon of the crystallization of honey appears mainly according to thefloral origin honey which will dictate the sugar composition of the honey. It is the ratio between the glucose and the fructose which will cause a honey to crystallize more or less quickly.

The more a honey has a high fructose content compared to glucose, the less it will crystallize. The more a honey has a high glucose content compared to fructose, the more it will crystallize.

The storage conditions and in particular the temperature affect the rate of crystallization of honey. The colder it is, the more your honey tends to crystallize. Honey can never be stored fridge, but in a cupboard at room temperature.

The honeys that crystallize the most

As we saw in the previous paragraph, the honeys that crystallize the most are those with a high glucose content, as:


champs de colza

Rapeseed field

The honeys that crystallize the least

The honeys that crystallize the least are those with a high fructose content, such as:


Organic acacia honey


What are the signs poor quality honey that crystallizes?

Beware, however, some honeys crystallize in an amazing way and that should alert you to the quality of the honey. If, for example, the honey is crystallized, but hard as iron, this should alert you. Of course, the crystallization makes the honey more solid, but it should not be impossible to use it in the jar.

If the honey crystallizes creating pretty marbling, it's completely normal, don't worry about it.

Why are some honeys creamy?

You ask yourself lquestion whyi honeys are creamy, without any crystals? Well, that's because man came into play! Most people don't like crystallized honey. What they prefer is when it's good creamy and creamy so they can spread it greedily on their toast.

So the honey producer or beekeeper will inoculate the honey: he will mix a small quantity of very fine crystal honey with his crystallized honey. The goes brew all to break the crystals until you get the texture desired. When honey is creamed in this way, it is not heated in any way and its quality is not reduced.

At Miel Factory, here are our creamy honeys that please the most:

Comment de-crystallize a crumbl ?

If your honey is crystallized, it is quite possible to make it liquid again in a way "home-made".

  1. You are going to heat your honey slowly and gradually at a low temperature (max 40°C), in a water bath. Your honey will liquefy within minutes. Honey should not be heated too strongly, as it will lose all his on the side!
  2. Leave the honey to cool well off the heat, but still in its bain-marie. That's it !
  3. You can close your honey jar and place it in your cupboard. Good tasting.



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