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Madagascar honeys


A stone's throw from the African continent, located on the ancestral route to India, Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world, with a territory equivalent to that of metropolitan France. Its history makes it an extraordinary island, a clever cultural mix between Africa and Asia. The diversity of the ecosystems present on the island, its climate and its isolation offer ideal conditions for beekeeping, since they allow up to four harvests per year while the world standard is more of a single harvest. The harvest areas are a few kilometers from Manakara, in areas guaranteed without pesticides, it is a pure and 100% natural production.


You just need to put your foot on the red soil of Madagascar for the change of scenery. The lush forests in the heart of the Indian Ocean unfold like a carpet of greenery stretching out as far as the eye can see. This fantastic landscape awakens the sleeping senses: in an instant the Red Island captivates us.

Time spent on roads and other bumpy paths allows you to admire landscapes as fantastic as they are diverse. This immense territory is full of contrasts, where tropical forests and desert areas coexist, where land and sea come together in unique ecosystems including primary forests. The wild nature of the forests thus respond to the terraced rice fields created by man to the rhythm of the rolling hills of the Highlands. The Big Island inspires tranquility and rest. The extravagance of flora and fauna, rich in more than 14,000 different species, contrasts with the way of life of the inhabitants of the island, who live at the rhythm imposed by nature.

Among the thousands of species present in Madagascar are hidden honey trees unique in the world which allow the harvest of honeys with prodigious flavors. This is the case with Litchi, Niaouli, Eucalyptus and Mokarana. The latter is endemic to the Manakara region.

Plante de Litchi

It is true that the biodiversity of the island of Madagascar is quite exceptional. The lemur monkey which only exists in this country is proof of this.



Manakara is a city located in the south-east of Madagascar. It is the economic and administrative capital of the Vatovavy fito vinany region, and is located 700 km from Antananarivo, the capital of the island. What makes the charm of the city are above all the lush landscapes offered by nature, which still takes pride of place there.


The richness of the Malagasy flora and the characteristics of the climate give very long periods of flowering of a very wide variety of species. The bees produce, throughout the year, several harvests of honeys with multiple flavors, born from the large number of species foraged. In addition to its unparalleled taste quality, the lychee from Madagascar has the advantage of reaching maturity just before the end of the year celebrations when demand for exotic fruits is highest in Europe where begins the grayness of winter.

For scientists, the lychee from Madagascar has the name "sapindaceae chinensis" even if in fact there are a few sub-varieties. And as its name suggests it is originally from China and is very different from 2 of its most famous cousins ​​which are:

- red Rambutans also but larger and more hairy still called "Chinese lychees"

- the Longanis smaller and green in color

The lychee (the tree) which bears the lychees (fruits) in clusters is a majestic tree that comes into production around its 6th year and can live up to 100 years. They can reach more than 20 meters and when the clusters reach maturity we can think of seeing a red chestnut tree in bloom.

Arbre de litchi

Les Ruches Australes is owned by two associates, childhood friends. Philippe d'Estaintot, Engineer having made a commercial career in large French companies and Jean Walter of agronomic training having made his entire professional career abroad, in Africa, with in the middle an experience of several years where he created his own agronomic production company in a hot greenhouse in Seine et Marne. His love of hot countries and Africa prompted him to set out again to create new activities in Madagascar by settling in Manakara about fifteen years ago. He is manager of Les Ruches Australes.
The company "Les Ruches Australes" was bought in 2015 from a Frenchman who left for Madagascar 25 years ago. This French beekeeper was one of the major players in the development of beekeeping in Manakara, where he created "Les Ruches Australes" twenty years ago. He was an expert recognized by the Malagasy government and the European Union. His involvement in Manakara was at the origin of the development of beekeeping in this region.
Jean Walter currently has more than 350 beehives, and offers Litchi, Niaouli, Eucalyptus and Mokarana honey.


Thanks to Philippe’Estaintot for writing this article.
To help you discover these honeys from Madagascar with atypical flavors, we have designed the Madagascar gift box, made up of honey from EucalyptusLychee and Niaouli :

Coffret Cadeau Madagascardiscover 


Our latest addition is the Mokarana honey. Its flavor is very fragrant and fruity with citrus notes.

Mokarana honey soothes coughs and sore throats. As for its cosmetic virtues, Mokarana Honey is an ally of choice to soften and nourish the skin, where a thin layer of honey will be applied in case of redness.



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