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Almond tree

The almond tree is the first fruit tree to bloom at the end of winter. Its flowering takes place between February and March.

The harvest takes place in two distinct periods: From May to June if you want a fresh and green almond. And around September if you want a dry almond.

In France the two best known varieties of almonds are FERRADUEL and LAURANE.

amande de provence - Miel d'amandier

Particularity of the flowering of almond trees

They are mainly found in the south of France, in Corsica and in the Garonne valley.

Abroad, California is the world's largest producer of almonds. A real organization is set up each year to ensure the pollination of Californian almond trees. Billions of bees are trucked between the east and west coasts around February. Pollination of orchards is the only guarantee of massive production. Unlike other tree species, which are satisfied with the wind. 

The almond trees, to give fruit, must be visited by the bees.

Champs d'amandier en Garonne

The health benefits of almond

This dry fruit, both crunchy and tasty, does not look like much and yet it turns out to be an excellent source of protein and fiber. In a snack or in a meal, the almond contains unsaturated fats - which are quickly eliminated, capable of preventing cardiovascular diseases. It allows to control its weight durably. Certainly, they are somewhat caloric but they allow an immediate satiety effect even for the most greedy! Plain or grilled, they decorate many recipes based on chicken, bread or rice. 

A tip: To avoid fatigue in the afternoon, a handful of almonds will put you back in balance. 

The almond is rich in vitamins, proteins, oil and carbohydrates. It is highly appreciated by cosmetic laboratories which use it as a softening base in the event of skin inflammation. 

In the elderly, almond buds are used in gemmotherapy for its anti-sclerotic properties.

Miel Factory declined the almond in two versions

Almond blossom honey, from the Alicante region of Spain. We find the sweetness of the almond at the end of the mouth. This creamy honey is particularly delicious on a slice of bread. Its sweetness goes perfectly with green tea or in a coffee with persistent aromas.

Miel de fleurs d'amandier

A preparation with French honey harvested by Miel Factory and whole Laurane and Ferraduel almonds from the south of France. This preparation is to be tasted with a teaspoon, as a delicate natural treat or as an energy supplement from nature.


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