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The uses of beeswax

Within the hive, the wax secreted by the bees is used in the manufacture of honeycombs. This is used by humans for the manufacture of:
  • Cosmetics (creams, balms, lipsticks)
  • Candles
  • Household products
  • Food additive (icing)
We illustrate here some uses of beeswax that could be useful to you on a daily basis and very easy to achieve!

Make your candles with beeswax

Making your own candles with beeswax is easy. It is an excellent alternative to commercial candles made from petroleum derivatives. In addition, it is ecological, economical and it smells delicious. For this, you need beeswax (in bread or balls), a candle wick and a small container like a glass yoghurt jar. You can also add scent oils if you want. There are also molds to make candles of all shapes. Warning: in this case, it is imperative to use flexible molds (latex, silicone, etc.) otherwise it will be impossible to unmold your candles. All this material is on sale in creative hobby stores.
  1. Melt the desired amount of beeswax in a double boiler;
  2. When it is well melted, pour it into the container in which you placed the wick;
  3. Adjust the latter: it must be well in the middle of your pot;
  4. Let cool.
Tip: For optimal combustion, use wick bases. We clip the wicks into it and then place them in the bottom of the container. Thus, they stay in place.


Bougie cire d'abeilles


Varnish your furniture with beeswax

Beeswax has been used for centuries in the manufacture of furniture varnish. This is often coupled with propolis which is an excellent protector of wood.
These two beehive products are used in particular in the composition of Russian varnish which is used for the restoration of antique furniture. Here's how to prepare it:
  1. In a saucepan, gently heat 200g of linseed oil, 50g of beeswax and 100g of propolis;
  2. Monitor constantly and stop the fire when the mixture is homogeneous. Wait 15 days before applying this hot paste to the wood.
  3. Let heat up then polish.

    For the anecdote
Did you know the secret behind the exceptional quality of the violins made by Stradivarius in the 18th century? Legend has it that he coated them with a varnish prepared from beeswax and propolis, collected by bees in Lombardy, Italy. Three centuries later, his instruments are still in perfect condition.
Beeswax is also used in the composition of encaustic, a product intended to nourish and protect wood. It is a mixture of beeswax diluted in pure turpentine (resinous essential oil). In commerce, it is found in liquid or paste form. It can easily be prepared at home.

Factory wax in bread

Miel Factory Beeswax

Our organic beeswax was harvested in the South-East of Madagascar. It is of great purity, the island of Madagascar is free from pesticides. Its consistency is hard. We offer three appellations:
Lychee, clear wax
Eucalyptus Mimosa, medium clear wax
Niaouli and Primary Forest, dark wax
These three waxes have an intense smell.
You can buy it in packs of a hundred grams or by the cut.
100g Miel Factory beeswax


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