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What is royal jelly?

Royal Jelly is a substance that is essential for the hive. Unlike honey, it is not made from the nectar of flowers, but comes from secretions from the glandular system of nurse bees. It is an ivory colored substance, with a creamy and slightly acidic consistency. 

Royal Jelly is the exclusive food of the queen bee. It is fed on this substance from its larva state until the end of its life. 

And look at the power of royal jelly ... All the hive larvae, during the first three days of their lives, are fed royal jelly and they grow at lightning speed: their weight is multiplied by a thousand. 

From the fourth day, the selection is made: only the larva intended to be the queen of bees will receive royal jelly. The rest will become drones and worker bees.

What is the composition of royal jelly?

The composition of Royal Jelly is very complete nutritionally: it is thanks to it that the larvae can grow and that the queen finds a balance. 

She is composed :

  • Water (between 60 and 70%)
  • Sugars (between 9 and 23%)
  • Proteins (between 10 and 18%) including a large amount of amino acids
  • Lipids (between 4 and 8%)
  • Many vitamins: B1, B2, B3, folic acid, B5, B6, H, as well as small amounts of vitamins A, B, D, E; all of which play a role in keeping the body balanced. Mineral substances and oligo-elements: calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and zinc among others. 

    Royal jelly is used for its rebalancing action of the organism, antioxidant and toning.

How to use royal jelly?

The best time for the effectiveness of Royal Jelly is in the morning on an empty stomach. Let the contents of a measuring spoon melt under your tongue. 

Always keep it in the fridge, between + 2 °C and + 5 °C

Organic French royal jelly

At Miel Factory, we offer you an ORGANIC French royal jelly, produced by a member of the GPGR, a group of producers of French royal jelly. This group has been committed since its creation to a demanding quality approach.

This Royal Jelly is not frozen (unlike all royal import jellies), unprocessed, with traceability guaranteed by a unique number written on the jar.

This royal jelly is produced without artificial nourishment of the bees during the production period (neither sugar syrup, nor protein substitute like brewer's or soybean yeast), respecting the natural diet of bees, honey and pollen.

The production is also respectful of the health of the bee and the environment, guaranteeing a product with optimal purity.

Harvesting is done in very limited quantities.

Our organic French royal jelly is available in 10g or 25g jars.

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