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Let's celebrate light and renewal with Candlemas!

For a long time in Europe, the coming out of winter was associated with the bear. 

The Scandinavian and Celtic peoples of Germany celebrated the bear's hibernation out in late January or very early February.

The bear, powerful, hairy, and almost human in shape when standing, symbolizes life force. It is linked to life, fertility, agrarian and collective prosperity, as well as the hope of seeing the end of winter. If the bear comes out of its cave, it is a sign that winter is over. Otherwise it continues to hibernate.


Among the Celts, February 2 is the feast of Imbolc. This name means lustration, or purification, as with the Romans. It was also on this date that the church placed the celebration of the purification of the Virgin, during which candles were lit and blessed, which protected homes and men all year round.

Imbolc marked the end of winter rest and the resumption of agricultural work. The rise of the sap in the trees, the revival of nature. Candles were lit and carried in procession. And we offered pancakes as a lucky charm, crispus in Latin, which means "wavy", because they were baked on a tile. It was almost an obligation to do so, to ensure happiness and prosperity throughout the year. The round shape and the solar color of these cakes symbolizes renewal and the sun.

For a gourmet pancake; We recommend our Honey and Hazelnut spread, composed of 94% French honey and 6% hazelnut. A real treat.

For a warm pancake; Fir honey with its liquid texture and its captivating taste of resin, will accompany you perfectly during your winter snacks.

For an exotic pancake; Eucalyptus honey from Madagascar will bring on the finish, a note of salted caramel.

For an original pancake; Calluna Heather honey and its flavors of undergrowth with a slight bitterness, will transport you to an unsuspected sweet universe.


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