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Honey and essential oils

Honey dilutes essential oils which are rarely used pure because they are very powerful. Their effects are also reinforced by honeys which have their own virtues.


When it is of quality, honey is an excellent therapeutic food. It is energizing and antioxidant thanks to polyphenols, minerals and amino acids and to the combination of its various sugars (mainly fructose and glucose which are very small molecules which pass easily between cell membranes and are directly assimilated by the body, without digestion). 

Its enzymes, vitamins and oligo-elements are very useful for tired people, in need of energy because they help to strengthen the natural defenses. In addition, it is an excellent antiseptic. 

If one day, for example, you cut yourself and have no disinfectant, apply honey to your wound. You will notice that honey is an amazing healing. 

To all these virtues are also added those of the plants that the bees went to forage.

Essential oils

The essential oil is a volatile essence contained in a part of the aromatic plant: bark, flower, leaf, buds. It helps the body to fight against everyday ailments. They are remarkable antiseptics (against bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.). Like honey, each essential oil has a very specific virtue for health.

By adding essential oils to honey, we find a very beautiful therapeutic synergy.

Ideas for blending honey and essential oils. 

Here are some ideas for blending with essential oils and honey to treat everyday minor injuries.

To aid digestion 

Rosemary honey + fennel EO:

Rosemary honey is a very good rebalancing of the digestive sphere. It can help reduce abdominal pain, bloating.

Fennel essential oil stimulates intestinal transit.

To sleep

Orange Honey + Organic Green Mandarin EO + Organic Marjoram EO

Orange honey helps to reconcile with sleep and to relax. 

The essential oil of green tangerine is relaxing, it promotes sleep, while being an effective antispasmodic.

To calm cough and irritated throats

Eucalyptus honey + cypress HE

Eucalyptus honey is reputed to have anti-septic properties and works by dilating the bronchi. 

Cypress essential oil is known for its anti-tussive and decongestant action.


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