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Acacia honey: the most consumed mono-floral honey in France

Plant origin 

Its plant origin is the acacia black locust. Honey is never marketed under this name but under that of "acacia honey", which is botanically false, but this name is tolerated in the trade.

The black locust can reach 20 to 30 meters in height for one meter in diameter. Its flowers are white, in hanging clusters. Acacia is an important honey plant but the nectar is only abundant when the temperature is above 20 ° C and is stopped by the rain.

Flowering and harvest 

Depending on the region, the acacia flowers from the end of April to the end of June. Its white flowers in hanging clusters attract bees, they are very honeyed. The honey harvest is done from mid-May to the end of July.

The color of acacia honey varies from very light to golden yellow. It is always transparent and limpid honey.

Organoleptic properties

Acacia honey is sweet, floral and very fine. Its slightly fruity aroma does not last long in the mouth. It is often recommended to children for its delicate flavor. Its scent is also very subtle with vanilla undertones. Acacia honey crystallizes very slowly. It keeps very well.


A victim of its own success, French production is too weak to meet our needs. Most of the imported honeys come from Eastern countries (Hungary, Romania) and Northern Croatia. Its production and harvest depend on climatic conditions.

Acacia honey is popular for its liquid texture. It has an ideal sweetening power for herbal teas, teas or dairy products.

It is known to be calming and restorative. It is also the most suitable honey for diabetics.

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