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What is Propolis?

Propolis is harvested by the worker bee from the buds of certain trees such as fir, birch, horse chestnut and other conifers in order, among other things, to seal the slots in the hive and to fix the alveoli together to be able to spend the winter quietly. They also use it as an antibacterial to heal and ward off hive diseases.

What are the effects of Propolis?

Humans have long observed the benefits of this substance and learned to use it. Discover its incredible purifying, calming and protective power.

Propolis in different forms

Raw Propolis: Raw Propolis is harvested directly from the hives and then sorted to separate the impurities. It has not received any other treatment to guarantee you all of its active ingredients. Consume it by chewing the little bits in the raw state.

Quintessence of Propolis: The Quintessence of Propolis, is a mother tincture, liquid, to consume with a little water, a spoon of honey or in your herbal teas. This Propolis is intense, very concentrated and very effective. It is the essential and 100% natural element for wintering.

Propolis Gum: Propolis, honey, licorice and violet gums to soften your throat and your voice at all times. Practical, it is sold in its small metal box to have it with you every day.

Pearl Propolis: The most delicious version of our propolis products. These candies, guaranteed without coloring or preservative, are made with Gâtinais honey.

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