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All about honey from Paris

Where is it harvested? 

Our Paris honey is harvested by Audric de Campeau, beekeeper on the Parisian rooftops since 2009. The beehives are positioned on the roofs of the École Militaire, opposite the Eiffel Tower, the splendid Musée d'Orsay and in the historic moats of the Hotel National des Invalides.

miel de paris audric de campeau

On the roof of the école Militaire, credits Eric Tourneret

Miel toits de Paris

On the roof of the Musée d’Orsay, credits le Miel de Paris

Bees in the city? 

This honey is produced in very small quantities. Contrary to popular belief there is a wide variety of honey plants in Paris and pesticides are used less than in some of our campaigns. In addition, the Asian hornets are still few in number.

It should also be noted that the temperatures are warmer in the cities, which means that the blooms are longer, the bees then produce more honey, three to five times more than the bees in the countryside.

Bees take advantage of this to gather nectar from these different flowers in gardens, parks and on your balconies.

In the countryside, beekeepers struggle to maintain their bee populations, sometimes losing half of their hives in one season, due to bee colony collapse syndrome.

We do not find any traces of urban pollution in honey from Paris because the body of bees filters it automatically.


Espaces verts à Paris

Green spaces in Paris 


Why is Paris honey so special? 

The Paris honey is of a unique typicity, due to the great variety of species of flowers and exotic trees of the city. On the palate, a nice roundness, citrus and lychee notes with a complex minty finish. You will not find this bad taste elsewhere. 

Our Paris honey by Audric de Campeau is packaged in a 125g jar.

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