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What is pollen?

The making of pollen

Pollen is made up of small grains or seeds. It is harvested by bees from the stamens which are the male reproductive organs of a flower. When the bee flights with the pollen in its basket, seeds can escape and land on female reproductive organs (pistil) of another flower. This is the phenomenon of pollination by bees.

grains de pollen par Miel Factory

Am I allergic to this pollen?

Many people wonder about the concept of allergy to pollen. We must therefore distinguish two kinds of pollen: 

- Pollen dispersed by the wind, which is light and sometimes dusty 

- Pollen collected by bees which is chosen with meticulous care. The bee does not collect any pollen, it must be nutritious and composed of many micro nutrients to be able to properly feed all the inhabitants of the hive. This pollen is heavier than pollen carried by the wind because the bee moistens it with nectar before conscientiously brushing it with its legs to make balls which are then stored in its small pollen basket, which is behind a of its hind legs.

It is therefore not prohibited to consume this product of the hive in case of allergy. It will simply be necessary to accustom your body to this astonishing substance by short cures at the start. Mix it with honey or yogurt for example.

What is it used for ?

It is particularly recommended for tired and weakened people to consume pollen to help the body to recover. Indeed, pollen acts effectively against physical and intellectual fatigue by increasing the performance of the organism. Pollen is a euphoric, fortifying and restorative food that plays a big role in our health without having any side effects.

Pollen can also be used for culinary purposes by sprinkling a salad, or by mixing it in a fruit juice, it will bring a special flavor in addition to being excellent for health.

pollen de fleurs, Miel Factory

You can also find in our collection, detox honey or aphrodite honey, both virtuous honeys mixed with pollen! A perfect preparation to regain energy.


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