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New: lychee honey from Madagascar

After Lychee honey from Thailand, we have discovered a new treasure for you, that of Madagascar!

A stone's throw from the African continent, the island of Madagascar is located on the ancestral route to India. Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world with a territory equivalent to that of mainland France. The diversity of the ecosystems present on the island, its climate and its isolation offer ideal conditions for beekeeping since they allow up to four harvests per year while the world standard is more of a single harvest.

apiculture madagascar

Madagascar hides an exceptional biodiversity, rich in more than 14,000 species of trees and different flowers, a large part of which is honey-bearing and allows the harvest of honey with prodigious flavors. This is the case with lychee honey, harvested in the Manakara region, located in the south-east of the island. Jean Walter, a French agronomist, moved to Madagascar 25 years ago and in 2015 set up more than 350 beehives a few kilometers from Manaka, in areas guaranteed without pesticides. Jean Walter’s production is of exceptional purity. The bee species found in this region is the Unicolor Honey Apis. It is endemic to Malagasy soil, robust, not very aggressive and relatively spared from diseases found elsewhere.

récolte miel de litchi madagascar

The flavor of Lychee honey is very fragrant and fruity with hints of rose. Its color is clear and its texture is creamy. Its tropical scents take us on a journey into a universe of flavors very different from the honeys of our regions. It’s a real discovery!


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