Nature lover, passionate about mountains and seas, Rémi Porthault has traveled the four corners of the planet. His travels are all occasions to discover the honeys of various terroirs and the know-how of beekeepers. In France, he scours the countryside. Abroad, he embarked on a gastronomic tour of the most unknown honeys: honey from Jujube from Yemen, Coffee from Vietnam, Avocado from Mexico, or honey from Karoo in South Africa, Litchi from Thailand, Cameroon Forest honey, etc. Back in his native Burgundy, Rémi Porthault decides to collect his precious discoveries to share them with us. The Miel Factory store was born in 2016, in the heart of Paris, followed by the online store French honeys as well as rare honeys are all collections to discover, each honey lending itself to a particular tasting. In 2018, our catalog will be enriched in order to offer you new gift ideas around honey. Do not hesitate to subscribe to our Newsletter to follow our news, events and workshops.

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