The story of Miel Factory


Passionate about nature, enthusiastic for mountains and oceans, Rémi Porthault has travelled around the world. His adventures created opportunities to discover a multitude of different types of honey and the craftsmanship of local beekeepers. In France, he traversed the countryside. Abroad, he sought the rarest of honeys made from Yémen jujube, Vietnam’s coffee beans,Mexico’s avocados, Tasmania's Leatherwood, Madagascar's litchi and the savanna of Burkina Faso. Back home in his native Burgundy region, Rémi Porthault decided to gather these precious discoveries to share with us. The Miel Factory shop opened its doors in 2016, right in the heart of Paris.

The heritage of honey on our planet is exceptional. It is difficult to fully access all varieties. Our passion is to select and propose honey that is unique, of impeccable quality, and harvested in France or around the world.
We guarantee our honey’s quality; each is thoroughly analysed in a specialized laboratory to validate the following:
• Zero alteration of the honey from artificial sugars
• Zero trace of antibiotics or other medicines intended for the bees
• Zero pesticides in the honey
• Humidity less than or equal to 20% in order to optimize the honey’s conservation
• Alignment between the honey’s variety and the pollen composition