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Bees: wintering and cleansing flight

The main mechanism that allows the colony to fight against the cold lies in the contraction and expansion of the cluster, whose functioning depends on permanent contact with honey, a...

Arbutus honey

It is when most of the fruit trees come to rest that the strawberry tree is adorned with its most beautiful attractions. Arbutus honey remains unknown in France, but it...

Madagascar honeys

Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world, with a territory equivalent to that of mainland France. The diversity of the ecosystems present on the island, its climate and...

Honey: a bit of history

Bees have always fascinated people. In many civilizations and beliefs, honey has had a privileged place. From the Neolithic to the Renaissance, we will walk through its history.

The bee dance

Bees communicate with each other through dance. A round dance means that the food source is close to the hive but without specifying a direction. If the distance is further,...

The different types of hives

To choose the right hive, it is important to know the different types of hives that exist. Find out from several beekeepers, weigh the pros and cons of each type...


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